ASIFP - Agricultural Society for indigenous food products | La Société et ses membres réalisent divers projets et collaborent aussi avec d'autres organisations à la réalisation de projets en agriculture et agroalimentaire autochtone.
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The Founders

Charly Jacob


Kahnawake, Québec

Vincent Levesque


Wendake, Québec

Julie Landry


Wôlinak, Québec

About The ASIFP

First Nations have valuable traditional knowledge concerning several products of indigenous land. Abandoned with time for socio-economic reasons or because of the loss of their ancestral lands , now the First Nations and the general population present a new interest in medicinal plants and edible plant products. In this context, the food Society of indigenous local products is given primary mandate to promote the products of indigenous land from their own processing plants and to provide assistance to future indigenous farmers and harvesters in Quebec and Ontario.


  • Support for the indigenous farmers (farm machinery, fertilizers, crop insurance program)
  • Help and Support scientific research for innovation on local indigenous products
  • Provide information about agricultural government programs to members of the ASIFP
  • Support environmental research on the survival of native plants (medicinal plants) and traditional seeds protection (rights, genes) for the indigenous farmers
  • Promote aboriginal food products in food and health market stores
  • Protect and teach about medicinal indigenous plants.

  • Support and promote agricultural activities, food processing and the marketing of indigenous traditional food products.
  • Work to create a pan-Canadian Aboriginal Cooperative
  • Promote traditional aboriginal food products from all Americas
  • Help creating educational programs in agriculture and food processing for aboriginal people
  • Work with communities and schools to promote and teach the agriculture of the three sisters and other traditional plants.
  • Native food products include: wild rice, corn, beans, squash, herbs, Jerusalem potatoes, birch sap, maple syrup, fish (eg. sturgeon, whitefish, salmon) and wild game (hare, beaver, bison, elk, caribou, deer etc.) that can be made into meals.


The ASIFP and its members realize various projects in collaboration with other organizations in agriculture and native food .

For example :

Labrador Tea

Texte de d’introduction…


Texte d’introduction…

The Three Sisters

For centuries, the Iroquois grew corn, beans and squash together on mounds. These plants are called the Three Sisters.

Contact Us

380, rue Chef Max Gros-Louis

Wendake (Québec), Canada

G0A 4V0



Phone:    1-418-843-2733
Fax:    1-418-843-9074